Cetra (once) upon a time

The most beautiful songs of the Italy-wide known vocalists, the Cetra Quartet.

Why precisely the Cetras? When, in 1997, the R.I.T.M.O.

Il Quartetto RitmoAfter 3 years, the ever-enthusiast reaction of the audience, the heartening support from experts, and the richness of this repertoire, have made this choice a happy once.Cetra (once) upon a time is almost entirely a musical in which the great hits of the most famous and long vocalists i the italian pop music history are represented.

All the tracks have been written in a period of time that straddles the Fifties, and amongst the authors of the songs stand out many protagonists like Gorni Kramer, Lelio Luttazzi, Garinei & Giovannini: The Cetras themselves (Virgilio Savona and Tata Giacobetti were the authors) still represent a little musical miracle: the jazz feeling and the jauntiness of the lyric structure meet to form a happy blend with both haute and can music.Now the R.I.T.M.O. quartet, both for a unique vocal mix and a visceral love for swing, gives a new rendition of these songs with the awesome astonishment that only who has just found the gold treasure in a case can prove.

All this is Cetra (once) upon a time. A dive in the music of the past in order to sing and smile the way they sang and smiled fifty years ago.

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