The traditional biennial appointment of veteran sailing yachts, organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in the incomparable scenario of North East Sardinia waters, will be held at Porto Cervo from 1st to 6th September 1997. The event is sponsored, as previous editions, by San Pellegrino and is held under the auspices of AIVE (Associazione Italiana Vele D'Epoca).

The San Pellegrino Veteran Boat Rally 1997 is open to all sailing yachts built before 1950 (Veteran Yachts) and to yachts of the Metre Classes of any age.

The Organising Authority reserves the right to admit entries of wooden and/or iron sailing yachts built after 1950, and up to 1974, and of replicas of veteran yachts, provided they correspond to design and construction criteria typical of Classic Yachts as defined in Art. 3.4.1 and 3.4.2. of the AIVE's Rating, Requirements and Equipment Regulations for the Veteran and Classic Yachts.


The programme will be as follows:
Monday, 1st September: Arrival of participants - AIVE inspections - Registrations
Tuesday, 2nd September: AIVE inspections - Check and controls - Briefing
Wednesday, 3rd September: Race
Thursday, 4th September: Race
Friday, 5th September: Race
Saturday, 6th September: Final Parade - Prize giving

The Organising Authority reserves the right to modify the above programme for adverse weather conditions or other reasons.


The Race Committee will be located at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo (Telephone +39 (789) 91332, telefax +39 (789) 91213).

The composition of the Race Committee will be indicated in an appropriate communication.


The Race Secretariat may be found by the Race Office, at the special structure at Port East. The Official Notice Board will be located by the Race Office (Telephone +39 (789) 91100). The AIVE Technical Committee will be located in proximity of the Race Office at Port East.


Entries are to reach the YCCS by 10th August 1997, together with the information indicated on the entry form. Entries may also be sent by fax.

The Organising Authority reserves the right to accept entries after 10th August 1997 without still ensuring, after that date, the free mooring at the quay.

All participants must complete entry formalities by 1300 hours on 1st September 1997. The following is to be given to the Race Office:
Entry form duly completed
Disclaimer form
Crew list. We remind the Italian competitors that they must be in compliance with the Rules of the Federal Sports Activity (FIV card for 1997 with apposite medical stamp).

Entry fees are as follows:
500 US$ for yachts over 25 metres
400 US$ for yachts between 16 and 25 metres
350 US$ for yachts under 16 metres

The entry fee includes mooring fees and water consumption and some invitations to social events. The cost of electricity and telephone must be paid directly to the Marina Office by the participants.


Participating yachts will be divided as follows:
Veteran Yachts
Metre Classes
Classic Yachts

Veteran and Classic Yachts may be divided into different groups and categories according to their rigging and LOA.

The Metre Yachts may race in classes according to number of entries.


Separate results will be drawn up in corrected time for each of the groups and categories in which yachts will be divided.

A general results in corrected time will be drawn up for all the Veteran Yachts, for the award of the San Pellegrino Trophy.

Separate results will be drawn up for Classic Yachts.


The corrected time will be calculated according to the rating formula described in Part. 5 of the Rating, Requirements and Equipment Regulations for Veteran and Classic Yachts.

All yachts must be in possess of a valid AIVE's rating certificate.

Yachts not yet rated after this formula, may apply to AIVE, comply with the relative regulations regarding the release of the certificates which foresees the entry of the owner in the category of Temporary Member paying the fee foreseen and be inspected by the measurers appointed by AIVE.

The 12 Metre SI in compliance with ITMA’s rating certificate, will race in real time. Furthermore a result list, with the allowances foreseen by "Applied Rules for the attribution of penalties and allowances for the results foreseen in corrected time" distributed by AIVE, be drawn up.

Other Metre Classes, if in adequate number, may race in real time or in corrected time at discretion of the AIVE's Technical Committee.


The regatta will be conducted in accordance with:
1997/2000 ISAF Rules
Rating, Requirements and Equipment Regulations for Veteran and Classic Yachts (AIVE) and of the Metre Classes of pertinence
Sailing Instructions
Notice of Race
Following communications of the Race Committee and/or of the Protest Committee

The International Rules to prevent collision at sea will be in force in case of night-navigation.

In case of conflict between any of the above rules, the Sailing instructions will prevail.

This is a category A regatta as in ISAF Rule 18. ISAF Appendix A3 will only apply while racing.


A number of courses among the islands will be described in the Sailing Instructions. Some of them will eventually be modified for the Metre Class and will be adopted according to the weather conditions.

If possible, on 4th September the arrival will be at Porto Rotondo and on 5th September the start will take place from Porto Rotondo. The final programme will be distributed together with the Sailing Instructions upon final registration.


On 1st and 2nd September, a special AIVE Technical Committee, will inspect participating yachts for the control and the eventual attribution of the rating as already specified in Art. 7.


To all the entries confirmed before 10th August 1997 will be offered free moorings at Porto Cervo, Port East, from 1200 on 1st September to 0800 on 7th September.

For bookings of mooring prior and after these dates please apply directly to the Marina Management (Telephone +39 (789)91100).


San Pellegrino Trophy to the winner of the Veteran Yachts
Prizes to the first classified yachts in each group/category in the final overall result list
AIVE's plate to the yacht which has best maintained its original construction parameters


All yachts must be supplied with the prescribed documents and navigation licenses and must be in possess of the safety equipment, foreseen by the national laws of pertinence.

The participation in the races of this series is free choice of owners or representatives of each yacht. Owners or representatives are the only responsible for sailing and taking part to the event in relation to weather conditions, the conditions of each yacht and for the capacity and training of their crew. Competitors are reminded that owners or their representatives are personally responsible for all accidents occurred to their crews and yachts.

It is their duty to insure against any risk including third party liability insurance.

The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, AIVE and San Pellegrino decline any and all responsibility for accidents or damages occurring to persons and things, ashore and/or at sea, as a result of participation in the races of this series.

The attention of competitors is drawn to ISAF Fundamental Rule and to ORC Special Regulations, Owner's Responsibilities.

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