Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
07020 Porto Cervo (SS) Sardinia Italy
Telephone (+39) 0789902200 Fax (+39) 078991213
Website http://www.yccs.it Email secretariat@yccs.it


The regatta is open to all Nautor's Swans and Nautor Motorsailers. Please note that due to limitation of space, only the first 75 entries received will be accepted.


ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 1997-2000
Nautor's Swan rating (N.S.R.) System Rules and Regulations (sent on entry)
Offshore Racing Council Special Regulations 1998 for Category 3 (no white flares are required, amends ORC Special Regulation 4.22)
Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions (available at registration)
Any subsequent changes made by the Race Committee or the International Jury

In the event of a conflict between any of the above rules and/or regulations and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions shall prevail.

This Series is classified as a Category A event in accordance with ISAF Rule 79 and ISAF Appendix G (Advertising).

A Rolex backstay pennant will be provided which is to be flown for the duration of the Regatta commencing immediately following registration until 1 hour after the finish of the last race. However, this may be substituted on certain days for a pennant supplied by the sponsor of that day's race.

Whilst in port, yachts may be required to fly an event flag and may be requested to fly any other sponsors' flags that are offered.


All Swans entering the Rolex Swan World Cup 1998 will be issued with a Nautor's Swan rating (NSR). NSR has been developed specifically for Nautor's Swans as a complete rating and rules compliance system and has been used successfully for many Rolex Swan Regattas, since its inception in 1988.

The NSR Rules and Regulations will be sent on receipt of the Entry Form and appropriate Entry Fee. The application form should be completed and returned to the NSR Authority by 31st July 1998 to enable a rating to be calculated and an NSR certificate to be issued prior to the Regatta. Applications received after this date may be subject to surcharge and rating certificates will be issued at the Regatta. A signed copy must be presented at the Regatta Office prior to racing.

A fee of 60 for the cost of NSR initial certification will be requested when the rating application form is submitted.

NSR has some significant differences from other international rating rules. The intention is to allow much closer racing between the "professionals", the "club racer" and the "family crew" and yet simplify the whole process for the user. Some of the main advantages are:
The rule formulae are secret and, therefore, ratings are much less open to abuse.
Rating is simply since measurement is not usually necessary. The rated data is based on Nautor standards, modified to reflect declared or measured variations. Previously issued NSR Certificates may be used as a basis of rating for the Rolex Swan World Cup 1998.
The system takes into consideration accommodation, standard equipment and additional built-in equipment.
Hi-tech features, such as advanced sail cloth and rig control, are rated higher than basic cruiser-racer inventories and allowances are given for "cruising" features.
A rating allowance is given to yachts whose crew live on board (with personal gear and victuals) for the duration of the Regatta. This is to encourage the "family entry" which carries extra weight and personal belongings whilst racing.
The system is protected from abuse by a structured "friendly but firm" check measurement and rules compliance inspection throughout the Regatta.
An age allowance is applied automatically, based on the design year and the yacht's launch date.


The SRCC will rule on all matters of rating, accommodation, equipment and associated Rules and Regulations. The Committee's ruling shall be final. It will advise the Race Committee and International Jury on any related disputes and determine appropriate penalties for infringements.

The SRCC will consist of representatives from:
NSR Authority (RORC) Rating and NSR rules compliance
Nautor Accommodation, fit out and standard equipment
Y.C.C.S. Safety and special regulations

The SRCC may, at its discretion, co-opt additional technical advisers.


The SRCC has the right to undertake random inspections and measurement checks including weighing on any competing yacht throughout the registration and regatta period. All yachts shall be available for inspection between 0800 and 1800 each day, or the race time limit plus 3 hours. In the event of a protest, access may be requested at any time.

A cross section of competing yachts will be checked soon after each race. Yachts may be boarded on their way to and from the race area when conditions allow. Sails may need to be transported ashore for measurement checks.

An international measurer will be present throughput the Regatta to support the SRCC in measurement checks.

Any SRCC imposed amendments to rated data that result in an increase in a yacht's rating shall be backdated to the start of the Regatta and overall results recalculated. If a rating decreases then the new rating shall apply to subsequent races only.

Infringements of the NSR Rules and Regulations may lead to the yacht receiving scoring penalties or disqualification. Penalties shall be determined by the SRCC, whose ruling shall be final.


Registration formalities shall be completed by 1500 on August 30th , 1998 at the YCCS Regatta Office, including the crew list detailing the name of each member.

Italian competitors shall be in compliance with the Italian Sailing Federation Rules for regattas.


Saturday, 29th August: Inspections and Registrations
Sunday, 30th August: Inspections, Registrations (close 1500) and Briefing
Monday, 31st August: Race 1
Tuesday, 1st September: Race 2
Wednesday, 2nd September: Lay Day or Resail
Thursday, 3rd September: Race 3
Friday, 4th September: Race 4
Saturday, 5th September: Race 5 and Final Prize Giving

The Organising Authority and/or the Race Committee reserves the right to modify the programme because of weather conditions or other reasons.


Courses for the week will be sailed around Porto Cervo, Sardinia and amongst the surrounding islands (See Nautical charts n 42-322-323-324 I.I.).


The Scoring Penalty described by RRS 44.3 shall apply. A boat's penalty score shall be the score for the place worse than her actual finishing place nearest to 20% of the number of boats entered in her scoring list.


The Low Point Scoring System of RRS Appendix A (A2.2) shall apply, with five races scheduled of which one shall be completed to constitute a series. Ties not resolved by the Appendix (A2.3) will be broken by the relative position of each boat in the last race sailed.


All types of electronic aids, including radar, VOR, satellite, etc., are permitted. No external aids, outside assistance or information may be used during the races, excepting weather forecast information. Yachts shall be equipped with VHF with channel 16 and 72.


The sail number of the yacht need only be displayed on the mainsail, but yachts without sail number must display their hull numbers clearly on the lifelines, e.g. 43/090. These digits must be at least 40 cm. in height.


Will be heard by an International Jury.


Many excellent trophies and prizes are offered by NAUTOR, ROLEX, YCCS, PERONI NASTRO AZZURRO and other supporting organisations.


The Entry Fee includes moorings from 1000 hrs Saturday 29th August to 0800 hrs Sunday 6th September 1998, provided that the completed entry form and fee are received by the YCCS before 15th June 1998 and that the vessels using these moorings start at least 3 of the 5 races.

Due to limitation of space, and for security reasons, mooring places at the Old Harbour will be guaranteed for the first 60 entries. Further entries will be assigned mooring places at Porto Cervo Marina. Only water, electricity and telephone will be charged extra directly by the Harbour Master's Office.

Should you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, you can extend your bookings by contacting:
Porto Cervo Marina Management Office Direzione Marina
07020 Porto Cervo (SS), Sardinia Italy
Telephone (+39) 078991100 Fax (+39) 078991153

Such extended bookings will be chargeable at current marina rates. Early booking is recommended. Telephone bookings must be confirmed by fax or mail.


The entry form must be completed in full and sent with the appropriate fee to:
The Secretary
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
07020 Porto Cervo (SS), Sardinia Italy

Entries must be received by YCCS not later than 15th June 1998. Entries will be limited to the first 75 forms and fees received.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept entries after 15th June 1998, on payment of an additional fee ($200) if the maximum number of 75 had not yet been reached.


Less than 45ft LOA: $575
45ft to 55ft LOA inclusive: $775
Over 55ft LOA: $975

The entry fee must accompany the entry form and should be made payable to "Yacht Club Costa Smeralda" either by check or by bank transfer to:
Banca Commerciale Italiana Agency of Porto Cervo
07020 Porto Cervo (SS)
Account n 409377/10/20
CAB 84900 ABI 02002


All participants in the Rolex Swan World Cup 1998 will be issued with a pass (or wristband), which must be worn at all times. This pass will be necessary to use any regatta facility and will not be replaced if lost. A restricted area at the quayside will provide beer and food facilities only to those participants in possession of their pass.


Journalists and photographers covering the Rolex Swan World Cup 1998 are requested to contact the following for accreditation:

Italian Media
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Race Office
Telephone (+39) 0789902200 Fax (+39) 078991213
Email secretariat@yccs.it

International Media
Strategic Advertising Ltd. Editorial Department
Telephone +44 (171) 2288800 Fax +44 (171) 2288899
Email rcr@strategicgrp.com


A YCCS Race Office and Nautor Information Desk will be situated at the quayside throughout the regatta week.

Prior to the event further details can be obtained from the organisers:
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
07020 Porto Cervo (SS) Sardinia Italy
Telephone (+39) 0789902200 Fax (+39) 078991213
Website http://www.yccs.it Email secretariat@yccs.it

For further information, please contact the Nautor's Swan Europe S.A.M. office:
Telephone +377 (0) 93105300 Fax +377 (0) 93250756


The Rolex Swan World Cup attracts a high number of entrants, and consequently large numbers of crew. Because of the difficulty of finding venues with sufficient space to hold this number of people, the following arrangements have been made for the social programme of the Rolex Swan World Cup 1998.

Social events will be hosted by Rolex, YCCS and other sponsors. Each participating Swan will receive 4 free invitations to these social events. A small number of extra tickets, allowing access to all of the above social events, may be purchased at a nominal cost of $35 each.

In addition, a ticketed BBQ party will be held during the Regatta for which all participants may purchase tickets at a cost of $30 each.

Extra tickets for the social events, as well as those for the BBQ party, should be reserved in advance and details are included in the attached entry form.

For those not attending the above functions, informal social events will be held each evening on the quayside. Entry by participants' pass only. Passes will also ensure admission to the traditional prize-giving celebration in the "piazza", bear the YCCS.

Each boat will also receive two personal invitations to the YCCS Gala Dinner on the Friday evening. Please note that no extra invitations can be purchased for this particular event, end there will be strict control to allow only invitation holders to enter.

To avoid invitations being lost in the post, they will be included in your registration pack upon arrival in Porto Cervo. Lost invitations will not be replaced.

Dress Code
YCCS Welcoming Reception (Sunday, 30th August): Jacket and Tie
Rolex Reception (Thursday, 3rd September): Jacket and Tie
YCCS Gala Dinner (Friday, 4th September): Jacket and Tie

Quayside social events are informal, however shirts must be worn after 1800.

Email YCCS

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